History flows through my veins.

I’m a descendant of men who served in the American Revolution, and grew up playing in a Revolutionary War fort owned by my family. I heard fascinating stories of my ancestors’ experiences during the war for America’s liberty – stories which taught me that history is exciting.

I love using my writing, teaching, research, speaking, and genealogical skills to introduce people to the beginnings of our country when life was anything but boring.


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Guard that which is committed to thy trust.

1 Timothy 6:20

Eggnog – A Christmas Tradition

Eggnog – A Christmas Tradition

Americans have always loved their eggnog. Although the egg and milk-based punch actually originated in Britain where it derived from a medieval beverage called “posset,” it was brought to the American colonies where it remained popular. Thanks to the numerous farms in...

Life in a 1779 Pennsylvania Farmhouse

Life in a 1779 Pennsylvania Farmhouse

The colonial historical fiction novel I’m currently writing is set in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1777. Because I want my book to accurately reflect the Scot-Irish Presbyterians who lived in that area during the colonial time period, I have visited a number...

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