Last year, my husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving Day in Colonial Williamsburg. We were delightfully surprised to find many doors and windows already adorned with the town’s famous Christmas decorations.




After admiring the many gorgeous wreaths displayed on stores and houses on Duke of Gloucester Street, I knew I had to have one for our front door. But while I adore hand-decorated wreaths, swags, and table decorations, I’m all thumbs when it comes to making them. Can you relate?


Not to worry! Colonial Williamsburg has had previous experience with people like us. Their outdoor garden shop in the heart of the old colonial capital sells made-to-purchase Christmas decorations. Let’s take a look.


Who could resist buying this lavish wreath with fresh scents of pine, oranges, apples, and pineapple? This would look wonderful on my front door.




For someone with a small front entrance, this pine wreath, which boasts a fresh pineapple, oranges, dried pods, yarrow, and several small flowers, might do quite nicely.




I saw my husband ogling over this beauty with its green oranges, apples, and pine cones. He’d nearly convinced me to purchase it until I spotted several other wreaths.




Ahh. This exquisite masterpiece with yarrow, green oranges, apples, pine cones, and dried lotus pods would look incredible on our door … but so would the one my husband liked. Sigh.




What a dilemma. Normally, when I can’t choose between two items, I buy them both. But because we have only one front door, my usual purchasing method was not going to work.


Needing more time to think about which wreath to purchase, I walked to the other side of the shop and discovered that the thoughtful Williamsburg folks also sell table decorations for members of the all-thumbs club! Who knew?


This arrangement would look splendid on my dining room table!



But this arrangement with the breath-taking purple larkspur, red pomegranate, holly, and magnolia leaves would look dazzling as well. By now, you can see that I was having a difficult time choosing what to purchase—but only because all of the Christmas decorations were to die for.




Seeing that I could not make a timely decision, my wonderful husband suggested that we leave the shop and head to the King’s Arms Tavern where we were to meet other family members. “You can make up your mind over dinner, Cynthia.”







Obviously, hubby did not realize that our cozy dining room would contain yet more stunning decorations …











…which further confounded my purchasing decision.






After a lovely dinner, my husband asked which Christmas decoration I’d decided to purchase.

“I’ll take them all.”

For some reason, my answer did not surprise him.


Photographs ©Cynthia Howerter


Colonial Williamsburg is located in Williamsburg, Virginia.


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