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The Path to Winter

Good stories serve a purpose. While the objective of some stories is met immediately, the lesson of other stories can be years in the making. Such is the case with this story about my grandmother, Alice. Come with me as we visit my grandparents' farm near Muncy,...

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Meet Cynthia Howerter

Meet Cynthia Howerter

As a descendant of men who served in the American Revolution, history flows through my veins.

Growing up, I played in a Revolutionary War fort owned by family and heard fascinating stories of my ancestors' experiences during the war for America's liberty - stories which taught me that history is exciting.

I love using my writing, teaching, research, speaking, and genealogical skills to introduce people to the beginnings of our country when life was anything but boring.

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DAR Member


Cynthia and La-Tan’s book was a Selah Award Finalist at the 2014 Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference

God's Provision in Tough TimesClick on photo to order at Amazon.

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